March 20

April 26

transportation day at Outreach Community Academy

all morning

kids dress up and oggle all the forms of transportation

after we will drive home the long way and grab some pizza along the route (opt)

     i am going

june 21-23

hillsborough tour d' elegance

explain what that is

     benihana at 6:00

     8:00 car show in downtown burlingame

     around a 9:30 start

     drive through the coastal mountains

          through little towns

     stop at a car collectors home in the mid penninsula

          the ones we did already have been amazing

          woodside and menlo atherton

          lunch is catered and last year was very good

     we did a happy hour afterward at a hotel

          or drive home...

     we will be going to the Hillsborough Concours on Sunday (opt)

     i am limiting this to 8 cars and we already have 6

          parker, peterson, haeger, feldman, mellegers, snider (RVSC)

Car Week aug 14-17

     tour d' elegance 9:00 on thursday

          we will scout ahead of time for a ideal location to observe

          the most elegant cars in the world...maserati and packard are featured classes


     retro auto at pebble beach

          lunch on your own

          Hays, Bench or Cafe at pebble or anywhere...

     bbq at a beach house in p g

     friday morning breakfast/shopping in carmel or pg or ?

     1:00 we will gather at said beach house and drive up to the rally together to park

     at 4:00 is a drivers meeting/trophies

     5:00 start of rally and the community really comes out and supports

          its fun along 17 mile drive...

     dinner on your own...lucys on lighthouse (best hot dogs and music) beach house with

          with reservations...

     There is plenty to do on saturday

          lemons, motorsport festival lifestyle, auctions, historics, exotics on broadway, retro auto,

               classic car forum...or just go to downtown carmel where all the crazy cars are