Meeting location...Villas

          We have it for January

          Any suggestions besides the club

               The club is tentative...They just cancelled us at the beginning of the month

               Cant count on them any more

     Shriners Toy Drive December 3

          Dust Bowl Brewery, Elk Grove

               taco bell meeing at 9:45 for directions

               lv taco bell at 10:00

          We will be arriving at 11:00 at the hospital as usual after the VWs

               after dropping off toys and posing for pictures depart for dust bowl

               Due to the fact there is nowhere to regroup all drive on their own

                    new place directions will be provided

     Turkey dinners

          Inntroduce Karen

     Rick, Bev, Sally on the Holiday Party December 13

          At the club in the Terrace Lounge like last year

          Gift exchange...Mary has been recruited to lead

               have Mary explain the rules...

          Checks payable to Rancho Murieta Corvettes need to be to Kent by December 4

     2024 Club Dues are now payable December 1

          This year we were chasing them down til the end of February

          Separate check from party


     Nominations accepted





          Vice President








     Any comments regarding the nomination process by email...

Secretary Report


Treasurer Report

     Kent balance

Vice President Report


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Past President Comments


Checking the website for updates

Open Floor Comments

          Thank Teresa again

          Since this is the last general meeting of this board I would like to thank the group again for

          support to make this club what it is...


General Meeting Agenda