car show and sock hop april 6 2024

     proceeeds to benefit coats

How about this

     extend peoples choice to one trophy for all the cars as a peoples choice favorite                    award...that way we generate more income for coats and all cars are eligible...A lot                of times judges choice awards are not the same as what the public finds interesting










Set up meeting with Chantil

     february 22

     march 17

     march 29

Driving range instead of gravelly parking

     check in at the club entrance circle 3-4

     4-6 pm

     trophies at the dinner or sock hop

     Goodie bag...

          Dash plaque for pre reg too expensive $3/per

          Pen for voting

               Bank pen

               Left over mom pens

          5 votes for pre reg

          car number

               info for car on card

          bag by Bel Air

               left name and number for 25 bags

          10% off oil change from Guy

          Yogurt shop something


people’s choice trophies

     To be determined by pre reg




        Classic american muscle

        Presidents choice

        Best of show

        Pre war classic

        Hot rod

Sponsorship Trophies  

     Ace hardware donated $350     

     RM auto




        Corvette club

                Talk to board

        Flooring shop


        Town and country realty


$1 a vote

6 for $5

13 for $10

30 for $20


One big ballot box at ticket purchase location

     cut cost and logistics

     used amazon box

     number on each ticket/ballot

5 tickets for each pre reg entry

community entrance to sock hop and dinner



heatherly, christi

heatherly, kevin

hottman, bryan


pearson, lee

add o'hern