October 17 3:00 Bel Air Community Room


     15th anniversary



          5:30  to 6:00 Happy Hour Cocktails

          6:00 to 6:30 Appetizers

          6:30 to Whenever

     Turkey dinner donation box

          obvious with the stuffed turkeys

     Holiday Party Date

          December 13 at the club


                    Revive gift exchange?

                    No game

     Meeting location

          Club expensive

               17 burger then 22 minimum for all others

               3 choices plus chef special but no apps

               anticipated by g m to be crowded

                    not so

          Villas $35 a pop

          Backyard is very popular now

               not an option

          Let the new administration worry about it?


          emailed nominees

               additional at november meeting


          by proclamation







     will need a volunteer for this as well

Future Events


     Heidi and Greg have retired

     need volunteers to be coordinator

     Not sure how many first fridays next year

     Toy Run December 3

          Dust Bowl Brewery

     Cobra museum

     Working on finding restaurants with easy reservations like Dust Bowl








Board Meeting Agenda