McDonalds parking lot on Laguna Blvd...7527 Laguna Blvd.

Elk Grove, Ca

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Jack Parker


This is a looooong run...Getting to the start location is going to take around two hours.  We are going to climb Mount Hamilton starting from the west side in San Jose near the San Jose Country Club and at the junction of SR 130 and Alum Rock Avenue...SR 130 take us to the top of Mt. Hamilton where the view is spectacular of the valley south of San Jose towards Morgan Hill and beyond...After a short rest stop, we will head down the east side of the mountain and stop for food and beverage at The Junction...Its an iconic car guy biker hangout that serves good food...The Junction is along the lines of other car guy hangouts like Alices, Rock Store, Newcombs Ranch and Monas...The reason this is called The Number 30 Run is that this road is ranked as the 30th best drivers road in the world by Total 911 Magazine...The mag rates the top 100 on the planet...The Dragon is also on the list along with other U S roads but most are in Europe...The traffic on 130 during the weekend may be a little crowded but even if we take it slowly, which for safety might be the best decision, the road is spectacular with 100s of turns both on the west and east sides of the mountain...One of the great observatorys is at the top...We will end in Livermore on I580 where you will be able to proceed home on your own...

Please RSVP by May 5 by using the llink below, my email or the link on the main page of the SAMOA site...

Its too wet and we have cancelled the event

This event is a go...See you at 8:30


May 12, 2018


Its too wet and we have cancelled the event

This event is a go...See you at 10:00