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Lotus Park Run

After a short drivers meeting we will depart for Lotus Park.  Since this is the first event of the new group we will keep it somewhat short.  This will be a get to know you kinda run with everyone getting a chance to meet everyone else.  Keeping a safe distance from everyone else and still doing a little socializing.  We are all bored.

Since this is the first run we will be going over some things that make a car run successful.  Rules of the Road, which can be viewed on the website, are very important.  We will also be expecting everyone to sign a driver liability waiver.  You only need to sign it once.  During the meeting everyone should distance themselves from others and a face covering is important.  Please don't let this become an issue.

All participants should download the route directions, located below, so no one gets lost.  The route follows well maintained, paved roads through Latrobe,  Shingle Springs, Lotus, Coloma Gold Discovery Site, Placerville and El Dorado.  The driving time for this route should take about :50 to Lotus where there will be a fluid adjustment stop and then on to Placerville and home.  The return trip is about 1:10.  Since most restaurants are closed for indoor dining I decided that this run will be driving only.  When this whole COVID pandemic is gone we will be doing events with food stops.

If the pace is too slow be patient.  If the pace is too fast, please follow the directions and let the lead driver know at the rest stop.  We will wait for you.  More than likely the pace will be a bit slower on this first drive.  There will be future events which will satisfy your inner Ken Miles .

Lotus Park has a rest room.

You should RSVP by September 10 by clicking on the link below or by using

Download the directions.

Face coverings during group contacts are required.  Obviously not in your cars.

Distancing is important.

Bring a bottle of sanitizer.

lf you haven't already, download and sign the waiver and bring it with you.  You wont be allowed to participate on the run without signing the waiver.

Having fun meeting new people and enoying your car is mandatory.

Sunday September 13

9:00 in the Bell Air Parking Lot

Lotus Park and Back



Route Map