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Event Types

Type 1

This event will probably be the most popular.  A cruise through the foothills to a location for socializing.  And eating when restrictions are eased.  There will be two groups.  One is passenger friendly.  A "touring group" will maintain calm sedate speeds, never or seldom over the speed limit, especially on the twistys.  Another group will be more lively at or near the speed limit.  Usually ending at a restaurant.  Everyone likes to eat.  These events are usually less than 90 minutes one way and may involve a rest stop.  Written directions are not always provided but leaders are advised to provide them.

Type 2

An event that will involve a little more twisty roads.  May or may not be passenger friendly depending on your passenger's ability to sit in a passenger seat on twisty roads.  Motion sickness may be an issue.  This will be a more spirited run into the foothills or beyond.  May also be longer.  Not a speed concern but definitely not slow like the touring group in Type 1.  Written instructions are always a must.

Type 3

This is a spirited run usually at or slightly above the speed limits on the straights.  An experienced driver will find this to be fun.  This is definitely not passenger friendly.  It is highly advised that you have some driver instruction or be highly experienced.  This type of run involves very twisty roads and will be done for the fun of driving those kind of roads.  Not usually a destination run and could last more than 2 hours of driving.  Everyone is advised to travel at safe for the conditions speeds.  Everyone is advised to never drive above your experience level.  The leader will always wait for slower drivers.  Written instructions are always a must.

Type 4

Involves an over night trip where reservations at hotels are needed.  All kinds of roads are involved.  Highly detailed instructions are a must