Whats Your Wentworth Run August 5


4311 Town Center Boulevard, El Dorado Hills

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Jack Parker



This run is a revival of a run done many years ago by a past member...It will start in El Dorado Hills at the Starbucks, located in the Town Center in El Dorado Hills...Plan to be there around 8:30 to sign in, pick up directions, socialize with a drivers meeting taking place at around 8:45...We will depart at around 9:00...This run will be go up into the foothills through Coloma and Georgetown and continue through the lower Sierras through Stumpy Meadows, Union House Lake area and Ice House Lake...This event is primarily a chance to get out and drive...You will visit some beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountain areas and drive over some very twisty roads at a comfortably brisk pace...Some speed limits will be harmed on this run...The road is quite clear and very wide...You are encouraged to drive at you own pace and if you fall behind, there will be a pit stop at Stumpy Meadows for a rest stop and catch up point at about the half way point ttrough this 2:30 run...The last few miles of Ice House Road are a little narrower but not dangerous and should be taken at a somewhat reduced speed...Below you will find a map of the route...We will finish at around 12:30 at Sportsmans Hall where we visited several years ago when Kirkwood was unexpectadly closed...Sportsmans Hall is an original Pony Express stop (see the plaque below) and a very historic location...The Sportsmans is just off of Highway 50 and the return is a very easy trip down the freeway back to the Sacramento area through Placerville...Please RSVP by August 1...If the RSVP link above does not work for you just use my email address and email me directly...

Its too wet and we have cancelled the event

This event is a go...See you at 8:30


August 5


Stumpy Meadows Lake