Wentworth Run June 10


Starbucks in ElDorado Hills

4311 Town Center Drive

El Dorado Hills

Meeting Location

Meeting Time

Departure Time




Jack Parker



This event was run many years ago by another couple and it was a nice drive over Sierra terrain and nice views of lakes...This will be no different...We will meet at a familiar location...A Starbucks!...We will proceed to Georgetown and up to Stumpy Meadow, over to Ice House Resevoir and down to a very old restaurant with historic value...A nice run with a mildly aggressive pace...Just a fun drive over scenic Sierra landscape and an excuse to go look at something we havent looked at in a while...Please RSVP, using my email address, phone or the regular SAMOA website...RSVP by June 2...

Its too wet and we have cancelled the event

This event is a go...See you at 8:30


July 15