I have put on 2 or 3 of these in the past but it has been a long time since we have done one…I am returning it to a traditional Poker Run as herding 27 cars in and out of check points and rest stops is basically impossible...As in past runs, the Newby and Angwin, there will be detailed instructions and mileage at key areas...We will drive through the foothills and lower Sierras collecting a card at each check point with the intention of getting the highest poker hand and winning the pot…And speed is not important...Speed is up to the driver as all will be starting at different times...We will enjoy the scenery, especially around the Amador and El Dorado Wine Country...Entry fee ($5 per person) has been changed to accomodate the changes…At each stop we will pick one card...I am ending the run at the Pizza Factory in Ione...Please order when you arrive, retire to upstairs area and wait for everyone to order...We will then compare hands and high hand wins the pot which will be $5 times the number of entrants...The hands will be given to the organizer...Me...And I will announce the winner and present the pot...Remember that the more participants that enter the bigger the pot...Directions will be clear and driving the route will be easy, scenic and straight forward...With a couple of new roads thrown in...This event is meant to be a nice drive and fun competition for all...This is a sunny day run only and if there is doubt about the sun you may check back at this website and it will be set up to let all know the intentions that morning…Rain cancels the event...Check back on this website for rain/sun notice...Please RSVP by April 29.....As of this revision (April 24) we have 42 participants in 28 cars which amounts to a $210 pot overall...Further instructions will be emailed to all participants the week before the run...Thanks to all who have entered...

Poker Run May 6


Date:               May 6

Meeting:          9:00

Departure:      9:30

Location:          Gazebo Park on Lago Drive

                         See map below    

                         Rancho Murieta    95683

Organizer:          Jack Parker




Its too wet and we have cancelled the event

This event is a go...See you at 9:00 on the 6th

This run will close on April 29 with no exceptions