Ever wanted to go on a run after joining the club but were a bit intimidated and hesitant because the car is new or you were afraid of holding up the event or making mistakes?... This run is for members who have been in the club for less than two years…We will cover roads that are very comfortable, been used by the club many times and end up in the Sierra foothills at a very car friendly restaurant…The roads were selected so you may experience all the different kinds of roads that organizers use to plan events…Some are twisty…Some are fairly straight and relaxed…Some have wide sweepers and others offer tight turns that the car was meant to do well on…We will drive through towns you may have never hear of or been to...There are no roads that will present a challenge to your driving skills as all will be taken at a comfortable, relaxed pace...The return will be along a more direct route...You can choose to go home via the freeway(SR 4 to US 99) or follow me as I will travel on SR 49...Seasoned members will be there to help guide you through the process...We will travel at a very comfortable easy pace...Repeat...This run is for members who have been in the club for less than two years…Myself and a couple of officers will accompany you and explain the ins and outs of driving such roads and offer tips on putting together events...Everyone will have a complete set of detailed route insturctions...Here is your chance to enjoy an event without the concern of not knowing other participants because you will all be new…Our route ends at Griffs BBQ in Copperopolis for lunch...This is a dry weather day run only and if there is doubt about the weather you may check back at this website and it will be set up to let all know the intentions that morning…Rain cancels the event...Check back on the event website for rain/sun notice...Please RSVP by April 15…If you own a walkie talkie type radio, bring it along…The club uses channel 15-0.


New Member Run April 22

Date:               April 22

Meeting:         9:00 AM

Departure:      10:00 AM

Location:        Gazebo Park On Lago Drive

                       Rancho Murieta, Ca, 95683

Contact:        Jack Parker



The event is cancelled due to weather

The event is a go as scheduled...See you at 9:00

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The Route

Alert!!! Due to the overwhelming response for this event we have decided to hold the meeting at another nearby location...When approaching Rancho Murieta get in the left turn lane and enter in the visitors gate area...I will leave permission for all of you to enter...Continue up the Parkway and take your first left turn and follow Lago Drive all the way around to the Gazebo Park area and park your car in the adjacent lot...Bring a couple of beach chairs or lawn chairs and we will have a meeting in the park...There is a restroom availble...You MUST go through the entry gate...Do not try to turn left to get to the park...Card access only...See the map below

Entry To Meeting Area

This event is now closed...Email me to be placed on a waiting list...