Kit Carson Lodge Run August 12


Rancho Murieta Local Bean

7238 Murieta Drive     

Rancho Murieta, Ca

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Jack Parker


A lot of you remember the old Kirkwood Inn run that we have done maybe 12-13 times...Maybe more...We it seems that the management changes so often that they forget us regularly...We call to set up our arrival and they always somehow screw it up...The last time we went, with another club, the current management embarrassed us and himself by confronting us at breakfast and chastized us for not calling ahead...Also the food has gone downhill over the years...We called 3 times...SOOO...A new location and hopefully a tradition is being explored to Kit Carson Lodge...The pancakes are smaller but they are better and the management is glad to have our car club...So join us on August 12 to establish a new tradition and drive to Kit Carson...Since it is near Kirkwood, the same routes, and there are several, will be used...Through Sutter Creek, up Shake Ridge and on to SR 88...Please RSVP by August 5...Use my email, phone or the main SAMOA website to RSVP...

Its too wet and we have cancelled the event

This event is a go...See you at 8:30


August 12