Take a rest in Plymouth

The elementary school in Arnold Palmer's favorite town

Go "mill around" in Coloma (2 cards)

Get hung in Hangtown

Find the wettest spot in Drytown

Sutter Creek gold mining equipment

Find a "Good View"

Anything with Dave Brubeck's name on it

Prove you did fiddle around in some town

Find something new in Old Chicago

Find the Grand Ole Opry town


Find a place to have a beer on terra firma

Prove "you own" a hotel

Go to a pleasant little valley (2 cards)

Find a middle fork

The high school Hoss and Little Joe might have graduated from

Fill in the word

Who built the 1957 Fury

Find "party" (sp) city

Opposite of Old Town

A far away wine cellar

Steven's Road (hint...he sings)

Find a plane

Find a foundry

Go to jail, dont pass go

Find a place you could wine taste without the worry of an earthquake