Roger problem...

          there was an incident at the last driving event to tahoe that needs to be addressed according to our by-laws

read the by-laws Article II Section 4

Every member of RMC will conduct themselves in a manner benefiting RMC while attending any Corvette-related event. Any conduct detrimental to RMC must be brought to the attention of the RMC Board in writing and is subject to membership vote for suspension or expulsion from RMC.

• Any member may be suspended/terminated by a majority vote of Club Members present after three-fourths of the Officers determine if suspension/termination may be in order. If suspension or expulsion is determined, no refund of membership fees will occur.

after discussing this incident the board voted unanimously to bring this before the membership..

present the incident...up to the second encounter

Roger as usual took the dog on the event

Roger took the dog into the restaurant

It was under the table as usual

the dog barked which alerted the management of a dog in the restaurant

we will continue from that point...

roger continued to eat after the manager left the table

the facts surrounding the initial contact about the dog are not terribly important... resulting response is important...so we will focus primarily on reaction by roger

we are not taking questions or comments until later...




emphasis on behavior

    not the issue with the dog

I emailed roger and asked to meet me at taco bell with intention of letting roger tell me what happened

     roger blamed jeff as the instigator for his behavior during the second attempt to remove the dog

     roger claimed no one told him he couldnt take the dog inside


     roger said there was not sign

     dogs presence was contrary to california law which they have violated repeatedly and roger admitted he had read california health and safety code regarding animals in food service areas but blamed restaurants for not informing him verbally or with sign at the entrance...the point restaurant is a recent example of ignoring signs


     roger was confrontational with me at taco bell...f-bombs...after listIning to his account I asked how this differs so much from other folks versions...claims of not listening to him...no change...Started becoming agitated...Sensing he would not alter his account I said to him that I guess were done...angrily walked off after repeatedly saying to him i am listening...more f-bombs...

From inside his car he rolls down the window>>>>>roger claimed that we the club have been "trying to get rid of us for years"

any more comments from event attendees?

I called an unscheduled board meeting

roger was offered an opportunity to speak to the board to tell us what  happened...no show

roger initiated the lets go outside and ended up raising fists

challenging jeff was inexcuseable and approaching violent

by the way the board voted unanimously to bring this before the membership...

we have 3 choices...

  do nothing



is there a motion...



secret vote

appoint vote counters


     15th Anniversary Dinner

          Sending out menu choices sometime next week after finalizing details

          Cost including all except adult beverages is $100/couple

               Anniversary Party October 18

                    5:30 "Happy Hour"

                         Happy hour is 3-6 so you may arrive earlier

                    6:00 Appetizers

                    6:30  Intro toast

                           Turn over to Rick


                    7:30 Presentations

                         Rick MC

                    8:00 Desert


     October 6 First Friday to Copperopolis Gold Dust Pizza

          A new route through Commanche Lake, Milton and Jenny linn

     Coat Drive October 11 Karen and Lee

          Meet 9:15

          Leave 9:30

          Dillard around 10:00

          Kiwanis is attending

          River Valley Times maybe

     October 28 Trunk or Treat

          10-1 at stonehouse park

          Decorate your car and bring candy for trick or treaters

          Prizes for the best car...

     Among other things 24-25 officer elections will take place at the November meetinlg

          All positions open including Events Committee

          Nominations will be by email...I will manage the nominations and notify candidates of nominations

               Suspend the by laws to accept nominations by email

                    So we dont let the 15th become a business meeting

                    I will send email requesting nominations

                    Email me with nominations

                    Then send an email informing the member

                    You then can accept or withdraw your nomination

               If you would like to volunteer and nominate yourself go ahead

                    A lot of times thats what happens

               Heidi and Greg are also retiring...

          Election of officers November 15...

     Turkey delivery TBD

          Be on the lookout for frozen bird low prices

          We have a turkey committee

          We will be meeting soon

     Shriners Toy Drive December 3

          Probably Rock and Brews afterward...

               Last year that worked well...A little too much tip but hey its the holidays

          We will be arriving at 11:00 at the hospital as usual after the VWs

               Leaving Taco Bell around 10:30 or so...

     Rick on the Holiday Party December 13

          At the club in the Terrace Lounge like last year

     On a very solemn note ....Brittiny, our ususal server has had a family tragedy we have contributed to her go fund                     me page....$___________

          Pass the hat or use treasury funds...

Secretary Report See above


Treasurer Report  See above

     Kent balance

Vice President Report



     Heidi and Greg on the east coast               



     Geoff on the East Coast

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          Thank Teresa again


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